3.30. Saturday 23:00 → All house
☣️ The next CRIME will be even more loud, unchained and kinky, ‘cause SHOKI287 will be joining us. When the Berlin native isn’t rapping about her erotic fantasies, modern female empowerment and intoxicated dances with the devil, she’s channeling all those energies into crazy DJ sets. Known for being part of the rap group, Tiefbasskommando, the latex mask wearing rapper and DJ plays what she prefers to dance to herself: fast techno, trance and remixes of her rap releases with a mic in hand. As in her rap videos, SHOKI287 has a presence that radiates bizarre playfulness, combining fast-paced beats with anarchic, sex-positive performativity and a straightforward underground attitude. After conquering clubs and festival all over Germany and even playing at Pride Berlin, it’s time for her to charm us at Turbina.
This time we take over the whole Turbina, the main room will showcase $hoki and our residents: CRIME and Hexcode, and also NoFear darling Akác, while the club room will be equally high-powered with talents like Ipar, Szoliver, and Third 2hift.
⛔ Sexism, racism, queerphobia, harassment, unwanted touching or hate of any kind is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban from the event!
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