5.10. Friday 19:00 → Club hall
eszetamás + Arcosok Klubja + dr.Kotász

On 10 May, the best-known bands from the lesser-known bands will perform in the Turbina Clubroom!
The evening is unmissable in every way, as the 3 bands will offer an unforgettable experience for all those who love the music of at least one of the 3 bands.
Anyone who buys a ticket and comes to the concert will undoubtedly attend the event.
A little about the bands:
tamás esze:
a.k.a. esze tomi they can’t describe themselves. someone once said that’s a huge problem though. yet they are purposeful, they write songs in a way that either they’ll be good or they won’t. they jump around a lot, otherwise they play alternative punk I guess xddd

esze tomi on Youtube: https://youtube.com/@eszetamas_?si=6uv8H4waTjaBe4Rh

esze tomi on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6GjIjE1vqXr9vBbyDAUhgb…

Az Arcosok Klubja:
is a young up-and-coming alter-formation of 5 members, formed in 2022.
Our instrumentation, at alter level, is quite formal, drums, bass, guitar, synth, trumpet and vocals.
Our music is mostly influenced by Elephant, Carson Coma, Little and the Badger, 30Y, Quimby, etc… When we play live, we like to make the most of everything, and play our most party songs while leaving room for more laid back songs/people.

The Dr.Kotász:
a “Belpest alter” band. Its members first met each other far from the safety of the palace district’s rum bars, and since February 2023 they have been actively playing together in this formation. At first, they tried to use their satirical lyrics as a curved mirror to the pseudo-intellectuals philosophising in the smoke of cafés, but over time they became what they swore against…”
early bird: 1500ft – 20db
presale: 2000ft
At he door: 2500ft
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