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The Idoru – Undertow albumrelease +Petofi, Touch

The Idoru – Undertow album launch.
PETOFI, the Nyíregyháza melodic hardcore band, celebrated the 10th anniversary of their first single this year. In the last decade they have been touring most of the big cities and underground festivals in Hungary. On their latest album “Leaves from the Underground”, released in 2023, they pushed new boundaries in musical solutions, while staying true to their roots: the ripping guitar themes and the characteristic but bittersweet atmosphere.
Formed in 2014, Budapest-based Touch blend the sounds of the late 80s NYHC and DC hardcore scene with modern elements. After two singles, Illusion of Truth and Rearrangement, the band’s debut full-length, The Darkness Reflects, was released by Derek Archambault, frontman of Boston’s Defeater, on his own label, Version City Blues, in partnership with Vienna/Veszprém-based 9 LIES. Their latest single Deliverance was released last year and will soon be available in physical format on Solace Music.

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