12.19. Tuesday 18:00 → Exhibiton space
Yoga at Turbina

In the rush before the holidays, if you want to take a breather, recharge with a candlelit Vinyasa Flow practice, chat after yoga (from 19:45), relax with a tea or a drink, join us for our last Yoga in Turbina event this year!
Refresh your body and mind at our ViNYASA FLOW Yoga (18:00-19:45). We will move from asana to asana and at the end of the class you can relax into stillness and then quiet your mind with a short meditation.
The gradualness throughout the yoga program will make you feel comfortable even if it’s your first time doing yoga.
It is highly recommended to come to the practice with your heart and soul in comfortable clothing. If possible, avoid heavy food/drinks for one and a half hours, but preferably two hours, before yoga.
It will be possible to pay on the spot by cash or by bank transfer (Revolut, otp bank).
IMPORTANT! Bring your yoga mat!

Ticket: 3500FT

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