8.31. Saturday 12:00 → Main hall
Join us for a unique artistic experience with the acclaimed artist Angelo Musco!
We are excited to announce the upcoming photoshoot in Budapest, part of Angelo Musco’s new project “B.E. – Butterfly Effect”. This project explores the Butterfly Effect, illustrating how small changes can impact complex systems, a powerful reminder of our interconnectedness.
What is the Butterfly Effect? The Butterfly Effect is a chaos theory that demonstrates how small actions can have significant repercussions. Angelo Musco will intricately weave thousands of human bodies to create artworks that showcase the impact of our actions and the intertwining of individual paths with the collective fabric of humanity.
Why Participate? Participating in this event means embracing and being embraced by your community. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contribute to a global and meaningful work of art.
Event Details:
• Duration: 4 hours
• Objective: Create body textures for a new body of work
• Method: Photographs taken from above on a white backdrop, with two photo stations. Water will be a key element, and the created interweavings should convey a sense of fluidity and interconnection.

🔗 Registration: To participate, register at www.angelomusco.com/model-registration/ After selection, you will receive periodic email updates with all logistical and conceptual details.
Special Thanks: Turbina Kulturalis Kozpont, Gabriella Ban, Benedetto Sicca, and Budapest Art Symposium for their incredible support and for making this event possible.
We look forward to seeing you on August 31st for this artistic event in Budapest!
Angelo Musco Studio, Benedetto Sicca, Gabriella Ban

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