3.09. Wednesday 18:00 → Main hall
Zságer Balázs, Coloboma, Eril Fjord, Zahár Fanni

Balázs Zságer’s new live act series focuses on atmospheric, listening music – for those who like to get lost in live ambient textures and psychedelic electronic music.

What insights can we gain when we delve into the immersive world of sound, which permeates our every moment? How can we develop the ability of listening? What is going on in our own minds while we listen to? How would we experienced if we immerse ourselves in the immersive world of sounds that permeates our every moment? The purpose of the Transcendent Waves event series is to experience moments of self-awareness and alertness more deeply through meditative listening. In addition to the healing effects of sounds, it can have a big impact on our ability of attention and our creativity in a world that gets louder by the day.

The FREE SEQUENCE ANTHOLGY Vol.2 will be out in March – so this event a launch party as well. We prepare with mats and sofas for the this seance, but feel free to bring your own yoga mat or sleeping bag.

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Dance-music events and concerts held in the Turbina building can only be visited with a certificate of protection / EESZT application or EU Covid-card.
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