5.08. Wednesday 20:00 → Club hall
FAM: Festival of Abnormal Music DAY1
▧ Inverted Spectrum Records presents the first edition of Festival of Abnormal Music (FAM), scheduled to happen in Budapest from the 8th to 11th of May, 2024, in Turbina, Gödör, Auróra, Gólya, Dobozi 21, Blutorange, Susuka, and Népszíntér, with 26 bands and djs from Budapest, Dunaújváros, Debrecen, Belgrade, Ankara and Tokyo.
▧ FAM is a multi-genre alternative music festival that deliberately violates the borders between established musical styles, subcultures, and social circles, and features diverse forms of music such as heavy psychedelic rock, avant-garde jazz, experimental electronics, industrial music, math rock, synth punk, outsider singer-songwriters, free improvisation, and progressive pop. It is not an experimental music event in the narrow sense; a lot of the music you will find in FAM is very rock’n’roll. Rather, the emphasis is on authentic, uncompromising musical acts that do not fit clearly even into non-mainstream genres; the festival aims to capture a hard-to-define but striking artistic quality which we can call “abnormality”.
▧ The festival will begin on May 8, Wednesday, in Dobozi 21, with the opening of the exhibition by the Serbian outsider artist and musician Arhivista (Dunavski Buzukije).
Turbina (bar area):
20:00-22:00 Suhaid
Turbina (club room):
21:00 Dupla Eutanázia (trash punk / trash pop)
22:00 Stone Sober (alternative psych rock)
23:00 Power Flower (synth punk / egg punk)
00:00 Korgoth (raw math rock)

▧ Entrance is 4500 huf per day and tickets are available only at the door.

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