5.18. Saturday 18:00 → Club hall
Foreland Record Release// Hickory x Gedeon Reflects

FORELAND’s new album will be released on 20 April!
On May 18th, you can party live to the songs from the album at the Turbina Clubroom, along with previously known songs and other specials!
Guests are GEDEON REFLECTS and HICKORY, celebrating their 5th birthday!
– Opening time: 18:00
– Gedeon Reflects: 18:30-19:30
– Hickory: 19:50-20:50
– Foreland: 21:10-22:10
Easy pop looseness, sloppy elegance, catchy songs and tunes.
The central themes are love and overheated desires – sometimes, of course, in search of the deeper meanings of life.
As in life, as a band they value immediacy and connection: they seek these moments in music.
Their songs are a mix of mainstream pop, pop-rock, funky and indie-pop styles, combined with electronic elements. The intersection of these elements gives the music a unique sound, which is complemented by lyric-centric, polyphonic vocals.
Formed in September 2017, the band has been touring the country, clubs and rural festival stages for the past few years, and this time they will be performing their album launch concert at Turbina!

HICKORY celebrates its 5th birthday at Turbina!
Since its formation, the band has released several singles and singles and a full-length album ‘All times of the day are unstable’. The band has performed at several festivals, clubs in the countryside and in the capital. The birthday concert will include fresh HICKORY songs and the band’s previous compositions.

Gedeon Reflects is a diverse band, with acoustic melodic lines and hard rock at the two extremes of their songs, but also with elements of alt, country, jazz and pop. They once described their style as “the Czech Tamás of muscle-relaxation”.They released an album in 2023, and their songs are mostly about different moods, feelings and mentalities that can be of interest to everyone. Their lyrics also speak of goals, struggles, the difficulties of human relationships, honesty, oppression, hope and liberation.

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