12.30. Saturday 19:00 → Main hall
Dope Calypso: Dress Up and Go Nowhere vol 4.

All normal people hate New Year’s Eve because:
– it’s forced
– everyone is loud, cheerful, and very humorous
– hates champagne
– it’s cold
– hates fireworks
– pig-faced paper drumming in the street?
Come on, we’re not 4 years old
So here’s a way to get away with it.
You come on the 30th, have a good time with people who are _REALLY_ having a good time.
You don’t have to drink champagne, you don’t have to dodge people setting off firecrackers, you don’t have to worry about whether your abandoned pets will make it, you don’t have strangers smelling of sausage and unicum kissing you in the face unless you specifically ask.
You don’t have to shout unless you want to, you don’t have to count down unless you want to.
You don’t feel in the morning like another year has gone down the drain, and nothing’s happened, because you’ve only had one night down the drain, and you’re used to that.
You don’t have to eat lentils with sausages and listen to the bullshit that your luck will run out if you swallow a fish stick.
You don’t have to make vows.
Just have fun in the way that’s good for you and good for us.

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