6.16. Thursday 19:00 → Club hall
ZSÜD ‘Glass Ceiling’ single debut // Kozmofobe live

Két svájci bicska egy színpadon! Az est mindkét előadója producer, dalszerző, énekes egyben, de kibővített live act zenekarral hozzák el egyedi világukat!


In her electro-pop production, she likes to experiment with cross-genres, drawing from the more melodic world of the Berlin electronic scene as well as from dramatic cinematic elements. With his recently released song Glass Ceiling, he participated in the HOTS Songlab, where he worked with British producer John Foyle /Gorillaz, Blur/.


She is committed to cinematic and orchestral pop, and his songs often mix electronic, harsh soundscapes with symphonic, cinematic elements. Her lyrics are often about pain, anger, letting go, sometimes about freedom and devotion.

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