3.07. Thursday 19:30 → Main hall
Women’s Day // Napfonat + Noémo big band

On this evening, two groups of female songwriters, who represent women’s destinies in a very distinctive way, will give two full-fledged concerts.
Napfonat is an energetic, female a cappella ensemble, complete with percussion. An interweaving of five free voices that together create something more. Their polyphonic unity sometimes sounds with a power reminiscent of a choir, at other times a soft individual voice comes to the fore. The harmony of the five is accompanied by an elemental rhythm.
Modern indie-folk with verse-like lyrics in Hungarian about the big things in life. The poetry of Noémo Takács could be described like this. She says what everyone feels, but not everyone can articulate. She does it in an ethereal voice, with subtle melodies and self-ironic lyrics. Real acoustic spiritual nourishment for tired ears. A special feature of the concert is that the songs will be performed with full orchestral accompaniment.

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