5.23. Thursday 19:00 → Main hall
SZÍVHANG – Döbrösi Laura guest: Schoblocher Barbara

Laura Döbrösi says she has learned most about the big things in life by talking to interesting people. This will be no different this time, as she will be joined by her guest, Barbara Schoblocher, singer of Blahaluisiana, for a reflection that you can join in on the evening of 23 May at the Turbina Great Hall.

Witness two inspiring young women sharing their life stories, dreams and visions, discovering in each other both their commonalities and differences.
To protect the deep, personal topics and the intimate nature of the conversation, no recording or transcript will be made in any form. Please respect this!
Seating is limited, so we encourage you to purchase your tickets online at www.tixa.hu-n!

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