3.02. Thursday 19:30 → Main hall
vargalóránt egykutya
Theatre performance

Dear friends!

“I apologize for not having said much about tonight. O. One moment. I’ll check the food. In the meantime, chat away.”

Patika (Laura Döbrösi) didn’t tell us many things, for example that there will be more of us tonight. We’re sitting in her living room, guests are arriving: they think she’s alone.
Suddenly, after eight years, four fellow students are back in the same room.

Each one of them has become someone.

Businessman, mother, artist, home office worker.
But are you only what you do? And why here? Now, here’s to that.


We’re out of wine and air.
You know those world-changing dawn conversations in the kitchen when for a moment you feel you’ve understood everything?
And the next day you forget again?
For this half empty half full evening, be our guest.

a performance of the popup*production


Laura Döbrösi

Alexa Bakonyi

Dalma Tenki

The performance will be played in Hungarian.

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