9.27. Friday 23:00 → All house
Turbina Psytek w/ Boshke Beats
w/ X-DREAM (Boshke Beats)

There is a mysterious sweet spot between techno and trance, an experience capsule floating on the musical event horizon, created unknowingly by some people back in the 90s. In this genre-hybrid singularity, playing in the colours of Aurora Borealis, the impulsiveness of sounds grows to infinity, the notion of time and space as we know it collapses to give way to the extraordinary, unframed, or rather, unframed, mercurially moving and morphing substance we now call psytechno.

Marcus C. Maichel and Jan Mueller, aka X-Dream, are the forefathers of this genre, whose music retains the gothic structures, nails a modern sound design to them, and then builds an unmistakable musical aura around them, wrapped in psychedelic elements. It’s a pleasure to host them, and a pleasure to see the walls of the clubroom expanded by fast and dark rhythms on a night that will end up being a morning we won’t even notice.

⚛︎ MAIN ROOM (Psytechno/Techtrance) ⚛︎
X-Dream (Boshke Beats)
Alex Tolstey (Boshke Beats)
Wegha (Ozora Festival)
Katamii xxx Subotage (Ozora Festival / Boshke Beats / INOTA)
⚛︎ CLUBROOM w/ Psybaba Allstarz (Darkpsy/Hitech) ⚛︎
Irgum Burgum (Psybaba Records)
Chemical Spoon (Psybaba Records)
Tündérke (HungalienZ)
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