5.04. Wednesday 19:00 → Main hall
Turbina Posztwave ≈ Skemer (BEL)
guest artist: Denevér
⊕ Living in our age sometimes feels like watching a post-apocalyptic movie, with an apocalypse that was put on hold, because no one really had time for it. The general burn-out, the pointlessness of rebellion, music and fine art trends living their renaissance just to be forgotten again – these are just a couple elements of the absurd atmosphere of modern everyday life.
Haunting dark wave spiced with sensuality. Skemer, who also has a background in fashion, combines their dark sound with a distinctive visual world dominated by blood red and black. In the words of their singer Kim Peers, their music explores the hidden realms of the soul – they’re heading to Turbina in May.
The duo could be familiar for many of you from Kikeltető 2021. Raspy post-punk filled with lots of bass, you can both cry or dance to the music of Denevér.

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