12.01. Friday 19:00 → Club hall
Trip to Mira / GULU GULU EP release
On the first night of the meteorological winter, the bands Trip to Mira and GULU GULU create a special atmosphere with their shoe-peeping music in the Turbina Clubroom.
Trip to Mira
Pounding rhythms, echoing guitars, sometimes ethereal, sometimes energetic melodies – a musical and spiritual journey from the first note to the last. Trip to Mira is a meeting of five young musicians brought together by aesthetics, innovative thinking and a love of creation. The stories that form under their hands reflect on life’s changes, transformations from darkness to light, from tension to release.
The post-punk, shoegaze-inspired band presents its first single. The 6-piece band recently released a sizzling single, you can hear the full little EP here for the first time.
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