11.25. Saturday 11:00 → Main hall
The Dark Matter Ball by Father Daniel Elle
Ladies, gentlemen, and all royalties, prepare to be transported to a realm of dark elegance and mystery as we invite you to “The Dark Matter Ball”, the celebration of the vibrant Hungarian ballroom scene, presented by Father Daniel Elle & MD. Here, in a safe and creative space, the members of the ballroom community compete in different vogue dance, runway, fashion, and other ballroom categories.
In the heart of this unique night, where fashion defies the ordinary and creativity knows no boundaries, an enchanting spectacle awaits. Be ready to embark on a ballroom odyssey through a world of inspiration and a tapestry of innovative designs that will guide your way. Tonight, the rules of fashion are reinvented by the very essence of black color, so embrace the unknown, defy convention, and get ready to storm the runway.
11:00 – Doors open for participants
11:30 – Doors open for the audience
12:00 – 17:30 — BALL
Parent Danil Elle
Xena Miyake-Mugler
Nicki 007
DJ – Father Daniel Elle
MC – Iulian Elle
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Early Ball / 4000 Ft
Normal Ball 1. / 5000 Ft
Normal Ball 2. / 6000 Ft
Normal Ball 3. / 7000 Ft
Last chance Ball/ 8000 Ft

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