6.28. Friday 19:00 → Main hall
Songs of Tamás Cseh with the sons of Vodku SECOND ROUND!

On that rather jolly evening in April, the plan was to play your favourite Czech Tamás songs, but as the clocks ticked forward, the shadows lengthened and the mood rose, we realised that one evening was not enough to achieve this noble goal: the concert was over and many songs were left in the bag. So on the evening of Friday 28 June, the Vodku boys will be back at the Turbina to bring the songs of Tamás Cseh, János Másik and Géza Bereményi: those that we didn’t have time for last time, and those that should be played every night. We hope that the atmosphere will be like last time: enthusiastic, not quiet, not alcohol-free! Come and sing with us again! We welcome you all!

István Bata – guitar, vocals;
Nemes Janó – wind instruments, vocals;
Szabó Árpád – violin, mandolin, vocals;
Szabolcs Takács – guitar, double bass

The concert will be seated in a seated format, with seats available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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