5.15. Sunday 12:00 → Exhibiton space
RIDE THE CHAOS – improvisational movement workshop

What is chaos for you? Is it an element inside or outside of you? Do you resist it or give into its force? Where is the fine line between the emergence of structures, and their decay? How can we find connection points with ourselves and among us, and how do we let go of these connections?
In Greek mythology, Chaos …
The recent years have been full of chaos for many people, due to global pandemics, wars, the political situation, or the ever-growing crisis of climate change. This workshop is an experimental space where we use improvised movement and experimental sound-making to explore how a randomly gathered group of people can experience, embody and survive chaos, and potentially create a shared sense of peace and order out of it.

The workshop is open to everyone regardless of experience with dance, improvisation or digital arts!

Bíborka Janka Béres is a dancer, choreographer, performance artist and educator. Her practice is based on improvisation techniques like Butoh or Contact Improvisation, and bringing together movement with different art forms such as poetry, video, sound and visual arts. In her pieces, she researches the deep connection between the personal archive of memories, psyche and intuition, and their larger existence within its surrounding sociopolitical conditions. She studied dance and philosophy at Bennington College in the USA, and have worked in Berlin, Budapest, New York and Paris.

PAIKKA is a newly emerging project-space based in Budapest, which is aimed to provide opportunities for experimentation, collaboration, and alternative learning for creators in the field of Art, Technology and Science.

Sound by: Milena Veleva, Sanna Bo


Entry fee

with registration:

3000 huf

without registration:

3500 huf

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