12.18. Monday 18:00 → Exhibiton space
Rebel Botanist: personalised perfume oil blending

In this workshop, you will be able to create your own fragrance using high quality botanical ingredients, based on intuition, tradition and scientific rigour.
Celebrate or relax according to any belief system in December, you can be the sunrise sage of harmony by adorning your own perfume.
We’ll take into account your current physical, mental and spiritual state, or even that of the person you’re blending for. You can use the fragrances that are closest to you, experiment with the quantities, but also get professional help.
The blend, which you can of course use later, can be created according to the principles of clinical aromatherapy and sacred traditions. So you can be sure that no harm is done, only pure
intention and even purer active ingredients, herbal extracts used since ancient times.
To really succeed in this short time, we have to create a respect for the blend and the person.
personalisation, the workshop is limited to 8 people.
If you’re keen to secure your place, you can pre-register with @banyanni via insta message.

Mácsadi Anni:
She started studying clinical aromatherapy at the Panarom Aromatherapy Institute in 2014, and believes in personalization in complementary medicine and cosmetic preparation. She tailors her blends to the individual and their current condition for maximum effect. During the workshop she will help you find your own voice to work with.
The karmic balancing of the workshop is £6,000, which includes a priming lecture on how to make your own perfume, and of course your 10ml perfume made with therapeutic grade pure oils in a Cosmos positive roll-on bottle.
You can forget the big business hustle and bustle, we welcome you with festive attunement, love and serenity!

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