4.26. Friday 18:30 → Main hall
QJÚB – a kocka kibontása

Miklós H. Vecsei and his team, based on the works of János Pilinszky and Sándor Csoóri, created their latest concert theatre performance “Unfolding the Cube”, with a live projected set by the Burning Incandescent team and installation by Szonja Koltay.
Each member of the creative team, which moves at the interface between theatre, music and performance, is a renowned artist in his or her field, including Bori Hegedűs – vocals, Ábel Mihalik – drums, Jakab Frimmel – keyboards, electronics, Viktor Paczári – bass guitar, Huba Ratkóczi – lead guitar. Their debut performance, “Dialogue in the Dark”, has been performed for more than 50 performances and nearly 20,000 spectators since its premiere in June 2021.
In their new performance, they have tried to bring together elements of visuals, musical complexity and light art in the most cathartic form possible, so that the life’s work of the two poet giants does not only remain in our memory on the level of words…
Bori Hegedűs
Jakab Frimmel
Mihalik Ábel
Viktor Paczári
Ratkóczi Huba
Miklós Vecsei H.
Miklós H. Vecsei
Szonja Dorottya Koltay
Set design and projection:
Burning Out Bulbs
Lóránd Kiss
Gál Máté
“Language is a mysterious thing. Like the eye, or an uninterrupted hand gesture. That’s all he said: Blessed are they that weep… And it has been inexhaustible ever since. I don’t know if you understand, but we’re talking about a kind of anarchism, about not knowing anything at all times.”

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