4.04. Thursday 18:00 → Club hall
PhotoFest: the world of musical subcultures exhibition

The Budapest PhotoFestival welcomes you to visit
to the opening of the exhibition “Kisterem / The World of Musical Subcultures” at the Turbina Cultural Centre.
The exhibition focuses on the techno and alter subculture that started in the 90s and whose resurgent era is gaining ground among the young generation. Featuring concerts and festivals, the exhibition evokes the current trendy and iconic period as well as the early era, uniquely engaging the younger generation with images of the alternative music festival and club scene in the Turbina Cultural Centre’s pop-up gallery.
BABAI Dénes, FODOR Csilla, MUCSY Szilvia, SZABÓ R. János, URBÁN Ádám
Curator: Szilvia MUCSY, Organizer: Theo BARANY
The exhibition is open until 19 April

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