2.15. Thursday 20:00 → Main hall
NVC presents Extrawelt in concert
Living and breathing electronic music for what has now been twenty years, Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe have carved out a piece of its history and showed us that in the vast spectrum of dance music, where the normal world ends, Extrawelt begins.
After the first INOTA festival, their dynamic-melodic opuses, conceived in a sound design that goes beyond the event horizon and reaches to our innermost organs, are now being brought to fruition in a Thursday club concert (evening slot), marking the renewal and the return of the legendary Budapest-based NVC promoter crew.
The epoch-making German duo each and every show is a chance to manipulate their sound in a flow of measured spontaneity – all while using gear that most people would keep tucked away in their studio. The result is a live-act focused on purism and great care in presenting the deepest core of their sound that reminds people of the purity of techno music’s past while shedding light on the sound of the future – which, in their vision, is bright and, despite all the circumstances, heading in the right direction overall.
❖ BIG ROOM (20:00-24:00) ❖
Extrawelt IN CONCERT
— after hours (00:00-06:00) —
Normal Tamas
Dr. Zoidberg
❖ CLUB ROOM (20:00-24:00) ❖
Lavalava w/ Tolo & Falcao
— after hours (00:00-06:00) —
Nova Gravity
Adis Is OK
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