5.26. Friday 19:00 → Club hall
NovaN x Ficture
special guest: MΣO CULPA


From experimental electronica to jazz, psy and techno elements, this is a boundary-pushing, one-man live act.
Primarily a fusion of instrumental playing and tribal pulsations, it is an improvised, heartfelt live set with piano, analogue drum machines and synthesizers.
Originally a jazz pianist, NovaN’s live act has performed at venues ranging from Birmingham’s Symphony Hall, London’s St. James Church, Rotterdam’s contemporary electronic festivals, Dutch house parties, through Budapest’s underground scene to DAAD and OZORA festivals.


In Ficture’s music, outdoor noises and synthesizer sounds coexist as well as the vocal fragments combined with them, or the instrumental playing. On his debut album ‘Roads To Everywhere’, released on the Lemongrassmusic label in 2014, the transformation of recorded sounds and noises was emphasised, while on his latest EP (Filled Spaces, Audiobulb Records, 2018), the focus on the finer details has been brought to the fore, slightly speeding up the tempo. The single was named one of the best releases of 2018 by IglooMag in the UK, and the release was followed by a 15-stop European tour, which gave space to his unique performance style, which stems from his one-man band line-up. The concept of the performance is to use acoustic drums, synthesizers and samplers in a multitasking way, playing different sounds live, telling a story that only happens then and there.

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