4.30. Saturday 14:00 → Main hall
Napturbina ❍ Soft Crash
Pablo Bozzi & Phase Fatale | Man + Machine | Galactic Jackson | DJ Syncbutton + Ruenge
And it’s finally happening: two main characters from the filthy Berlin underground finally make their way to Budapest together to slap some latex-scented shades on the membranes of Turbina’s speakers.
One half of the Soft Crash duo is Pablo Bozzi, who sports an eye-popping moustache and has perhaps been the most frequent musician to play in the German capital’s most famous bathroom HÖR, and also the man who invented the irresistible mutation of metallic EBM and romantic italodisco. The other half is Phase Fatale, who calls Berghain his home and with his record label BITE label has been consistently proving for years that you don’t need something spinning at hyperventilating speed to hit like an iron fist.
Their project, which has been dubbed italo body music, draws as much from the opium-heavy literature of William S. Burroughs as it does from J.G. Ballard, whose famous novel Crash – which turned colliding cars into sexual fetish objects – was adapted for film by the father of body horror, David Cronenberg. Soft Crash explores this same and increasingly blurred line between the human body and technology, but in the language of music – this time during daytime

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