1.07. Friday 18:00 → Exhibiton space
METROPOLIS by $INA vernissage

In 2022 SINA (Szilágyi Imola Nelli) opens the year in Turbina Cultural Centre with a self curated exhibition METROPOLIS. This group exhibition will digest the depths of urban lifestyle through the artworks of 4 Hungarian women. The previously unseen extent of industrialism in today’s lifestyle affects perhaps not only our hardly differing everyday lives but also our mental space. Evolution tailored humanity for a life in nature, but it does not live in it anymore.
How can we understand what it means to be a human in an environment where factory made houses, self-repeating streets and temporary homes mold us to exist like industrial machines?
The exhibited works will provide a glimpse into our experience of this life, as through art we express the sensuality between the cracks of paint falling off a ruined wall, the passion in a stairway littered with cigarettes and the pleasure in pain.

The exhibition features:
Arnóth Anka painter’s abstract and dynamic paintings,
Arató Alina Rebecca graphic designer’s other worldly images and short movie
Lázár Eszter graphic creator’s expressive objects
And Szilágyi Imola Nelli (SINA) artist’s intensive paintings, collages and drawings.

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