4.13. Saturday 19:00 → Main hall
Meg Egy Cukorka
Here’s the first MEC concert of 2024 in Budapest with new songs and a rather strange concept. If you’re tired of poetry day recitation competitions, don’t understand why you have to analyse poems in a way that would probably make the author laugh and FASCICALLY have a set what you can and can’t say about your favourite poets/rock stars in certain places – because they were the rock stars of their time, just saying – then this evening is for you. If they’re not right for you, but you love our songs, then it’s a basic fact that you’re there anyway.
The point is, let’s push for an evening where Ady or Kosztolányi would be happy to drink sweet red wine with us and shout, “NOW I’VE HAD ENOUGH TIME! And after the concert, we can argue about whether it’s Ady or Kosztolányi or the Tankcsapda. So are you coming?
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