4.13. Thursday 19:00 → Main hall
guest artist: Selah Vie


Máklikőr is a band of 4 young boys from Budapest, who devote all their thoughts to telling stories and conveying feelings through their music. In the early days of the band, they mainly played long evenings around the campfire, and this can still be found in their style today, engaging the audience in their concerts as much as they did sitting around the fire. Their aim is to convey the sense of freedom they felt on the night the band was formed.

Selah Vie

Their world is mainly the genres of the 70’s and 80’s, especially funk-rock. Their songs are inspired by the joy and vitality of life, and consequently their aim is to share and display that joy on stage, because it’s for everyone. The best feedback for them is when people say that at first they thought itheir music was the music of some old band.

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