4.10. Wednesday 18:00 → Exhibiton space
Lino workshop

We invite you to a creative afternoon together. Upstairs in the exhibition space on April 10, a bunch of young people who want to create, drinks and music. If you’re bored of your old clothes, bring them along and jazz them up with your own patterns.
For those who don’t know, it’s a letterpress printing technique similar to woodblock printing. It has been a favourite of graphic designers and hobby artists since 1895. You will have the opportunity to try it on Wednesday. First you will make what is called a doodle, which we can then print indefinitely. Unfortunately I can’t make clothes, so please bring a t-shirt, sweater, pants or bag that you would like to print on. Don’t worry, I’ll bring different materials and cardboard that you can choose from.
The ink we will be using is industrial printing ink. It’s not picky about materials, whether it’s cotton or plastic, it will grip everything beautifully and once it dries, you won’t wash it out again. Since the printing industry is not very familiar with white, I ask you NOT to bring black clothes, because we will be printing in black.
White shirts, denim jackets, colored tops, bring them on!

If you’re interested, please register to see how many we’ll have: https://docs.google.com/…/1HNKBssTSSqmiEfuh1ccQsMb…/edit

I look forward to welcoming you,

Workshop fee: 5000 money/person

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