4.02. Saturday 14:00 → All house
Lick The Click! & LavaLava ❍ PRE-SUNBURST ❍ Napturbina

This year, ahead of the Easter Bunny, the city’s first full-fledged daytime dance party will surprise you! Not only will the series, known for its friendly atmosphere and colourful music, be tuning up for the upcoming season on April 2nd at Turbina, but it will be doing so with a new line-up!

LavaLava and Lick the Click have collaborated several times during their existence for one-night-only guest performances, more than once on the boat afternoons. From the start, their relationship has been characterised by a highly complementary repertoire, a friendly voice and respect. At an event in the autumn, they managed to enhance their mutual impression to the point where they finally decided that they would definitely like to do at least one full season of Sunburst together.

So they’ll express their excitement at the first weekend in April in the main hall of the city’s first daytime club, before taking up residence in their familiar home on the Danube. Sunburst friends old and new are welcome for this marathon afternoon, joined as special guests by Technokunst’s residents, who will cater for the more austere vibes in the Clubroom.

Isu (Lick The Click!, Technokunst)
DJ Crimson (Lick The Click!)
Dork (Technokunst)
Tolo (LavaLava)
Falcao (LavaLava)
Mode (Technokunst)
Valens (Technokunst)

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14:00 – 15:00

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15:00 – 17:00

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17:00 – 22:00

3000 huf

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