4.01. Friday 19:00 → Club hall
KASSANDRA x Gergely Demény


Bizarre lyrics, fast changes, unusual metrics, upbeat riffs, nodding metal, post-rock take-offs, catchy pop choruses.
KASSANDRA released their debut single in 2018, entitled I told you so…, which was followed by their inclusion in the Voice Occupation Programme. Their first full-length album, Mélyvíz (Deep Water), landed in January 2020 and was presented at the Akvárium Klub. The band brings the work of István Nagy (formerly Kornél Esti, Bori Péterfy & Love Band, Erik Sumo Band) – singer, guitarist, pianist – to the stage and on record, with the participation of Balázs Bognár, Zsombor Borka, Bálint Jason Szeifert and Renáta Vaskó. Anyone who has listened to them knows that they take liberties with different genres with a sure hand, blending them into a melodic progressive musical experience. They have performed at numerous festivals in Hungary – Fishing on Orfű, Valley of Arts, Campus, Fezen, Black Noise – and played at the Double Rise Festival in Transylvania.

★ Demény Gergely ★

Gergely’s compositions, written exclusively for guitar, feature both alternative tunings and soundscapes, as well as percussive elements, characterized by dynamics and a desire for cathartic endings. Without vocals or words, he invites us on a challenging inner journey, where experiencing our pain brings us a little closer to ourselves. He does this with his characteristic immediacy and with his own stories.

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