4.05. Friday 19:00 → Main hall
I WOULD LIKE TO BE LOVED-pandóra project-

Love, broken hearts, raving, shouting, love, pink and lots of glitter.
Since the start of Pandora, we’ve been saying at every opportunity that it is more important than almost anything else to live, express or even process our emotions.
That’s why the theme of the first Pandóra concert of 2024 – a little late for Valentine’s Day – is FEELING/LOVE.
Hearts, celebrity crushes, heartbreak, raving, shouting, love, pink and lots of glitter: that’s what we have planned for you this evening in the Turbina Great Hall.
Dig out your sequin and pink dresses from the bottom of your wardrobe, and don’t forget: there will be limited edition merch for the event, only available here!


02.15 12:00–be on the lookout for a limited number of discounted tickets for the “earliest early birds”
dresscode: anything sparkly, pink, purple and spongy or all of the above
???? very very secret
Pandora project
The Pandóra Project is a young, energetic duo formed by Dorci Major and Janka Zsuzsanna Végh. Their lyric-centric songs, spiced with special vocals, are basically indie-folk or ethno-pop, mixed with simple Hungarian folk motifs.They came out with their first album in early 2023, entitled “körbe-körbe karikába”, which is the phrase used in their song “párválasztó”, which is about discovering and finding ourselves, we have to discover a lot of everyone else. This kind of circular, repetitive process appears in all the songs on the album, because whether it’s a disappointment or a
a fomo-like realisation can help us find our way back to ourselves.

Until then, we send you a big hug,
Dorci and Janka
(and the band)
(and crew)

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