1.27. Thursday 16:00 → Main hall
I-opener: A call for empathy in times of ecological crisis

I-opener is a free immersive video installation that inspire for an interaction between the public and the art medium. The science behind our impact on Nature is hard to grasp. I-opener proposes an aesthetic approach that makes participants FEEL their role in the global ecosystem instead of just learning about it.
The installation will run in Turbina for 4 days only before artist/creator Oliver will tour over Europe with his project (Kassel, Berlin, Karlsruhe, France, Belgium…).
In order to avoid waiting time for participants, please mark the timeslot when you plan to attend the event for the 10 min video projection:


The video installation room bears a surprise and thus can only be visited once!
Anyone is welcome, the more diverse the crowd, the better. The video will be in ENG with ENG subtitles.

At this point, explaining human’s impact on nature the same way we’ve done for 40 years is doomed to failure. The installation invites everyone interested in the concepts of ecology, nature and art to approach the current crisis/situation differently.

French-German art director Oliver Juan has been active in the area of ecological behaviour for 5 years now. He’s a Master’s graduate in both Sustainability (Berlin-Paris) and Psychology (Kassel), he has worked in the special unit within UNESCO’s HQ in Paris to change the behaviour of its staff across 190 countries, organized and facilitated workshops on education for sustainable development in the biggest SDG conference in the world in Berlin (2020) and wrote blog articles about Nature-based Solutions for the award-winning startup ClimateSeed.

I-opener was born around 2,5 years ago in the Emergent Berlin festival in Baumhaus (Berlin). Since then, the team of contributors on the project grew steadily.

Curator Zuleykha Ibad (AZ) https://www.instagram.com/ibad_zuleykha/
Musician/sound designer Ground16 (SZ) https://www.instagram.com/grnd16/
Photographer Louis Grunt (FR) https://www.instagram.com/vee.karrpat/
Visual artists:
Eva Mai (AUS) https://www.instagram.com/evamaiart/
Benjamin Claux (FR) https://www.instagram.com/paper.trail.on/
Suzanne Antonia (US) https://www.instagram.com/60s_offspring/

Free entry.

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