6.15. Thursday 18:00 → Exhibiton space
I am your servant, you are my servant

The first joint exhibition of Lola Seller and Beatrix Széchenyi explores the machinery we live in all our lives, but perhaps we don’t know everything about it. Despite the fact that the body has always been central to the visual arts, there are also many taboos, fears and questions surrounding it, which the duo’s work in many ways rhymes with. I am your servant, you are my servant, draws attention to the interconnectedness of body and soul, to the fact that one part of us cannot exist without the other, to the interdependence and harmony that is present. The works on display span several years of work, and for Lola and Bea they are important stations, impulses for what they see in the human form.

On 15 June, we welcome everyone to the opening of the exhibition at Turbina.

Curated by: Albert Eszter, Vészi Lili

Free event.

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