6.14. Friday 23:00 → All house
Holdturbina w/ Crime & Starschema

We are preparing for another round on the moon, this time spinning industrial and house treks under our shoes.

We’re joined by Crime, Kamafaka, Hexcode and Ipar to blast the Great Hall with tight techno and dark melodies. The Clubroom will be taken over by the Starschema disc jockey quintet to keep the more danceable individuals moving with house beats until the early hours of the morning.


Leading the way in terms of DJs per capita and data engineering, Starschema is the workplace where office management acquired the Lärm wristband for the company Christmas party afterparty, as well as the office turntables and DJ booth later on. After many years of ordering records together, they thought that for the first and perhaps last time outside the office walls, they would put together a ‘seminal’ line-up, filling the Clubroom with their favourite house releases.

BIGROOM w/ Crime

CLUBROOM w/ Starschema
Sonny Coca
Ct Kidobo (birthday set)

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Presale: 2500 Ft
At the door before midnight: 2500 Ft
At the door after midnight: 3500 Ft

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