10.12. Saturday 19:00 → Main hall
Hænesy [live debut] × Surut [fi] × black particles

KESERV booking presents:

Hænesy [live debut] × Surut [en] × black particles
Launched in 2017 as a solo project of Henrik Sándor (As Karma Brings, Mádra), atmo-black HÆNESY has since come a long way and with several physical releases (early CDs on the UK’s Black Mourning Productions, then vinyls on German labels Purity Through Fire and Northern Silence) behind them, they have now been joined by Tamás Galántay behind the drums, to continue their work together and create a stage-ready production of the internationally acclaimed project, which will really come to fruition at this October’s Turbina debut show.

Flying straight from Tampere just for this gig, the evening will be highlighted by the release of their late 2023 album ‘Unelma’ (Suicide Records), which will see the blackgas/post-hardcore blend SURUT, who are not by chance considered one of the true harbingers of the Scandinavian extreme music scene.
The line-up is completed by the true post-rockers BLACK PARTICLES, who are confident and willing to take on all sorts of bitter musical elements, be it post-rock or metal, darker atmo-black pulls or shoegazey escapades, the result could best be described as the musical equivalent of an avalanche or a tidal wave. Raw, elemental power that is both awe-inspiring and ferocious in nature.

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