11.29. Wednesday 20:00 → Main hall
FreeSZFE x SOHA JOBBAN performance
FreeSZFE x SOHA JOBBAN performance


-Do you think if we were one person, if we were, say, twins, and one of us ate the other in the womb, do you think it would be better?
-Than this?
Réka is Abris’ sister, she’s not well. Abris is Rebecca’s brother, not well. After five years, Ábris comes to see Réka and more and more questions arise. What happened then and there, but more importantly, who is to blame? Are there family curses? Are plushies afraid to travel alone? And how is it that you can hide, at home or abroad, in the past, in the present, and bouncing between them, and somehow the fucking pissing match just keeps on unraveling…

Music by Máté Hunyadi
Consultant: Anna Zilahy
Production leader: Zita Csunderlik, Gábor Osváth
Head of Department: Péter Kárpáti
Performed by Zsigmond Nyomárkay, Nikolett Pereznyák
Written and directed by Bese Komáromy

The performance uses visual and sound effects suitable for disturbing the peace and is recommended for children over sixteen!

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