10.30. Wednesday 19:00 → Club hall
freekind., guest: Flanger Kids

Charm Music Hungary presents: freekind. and Flanger Kids at Turbina! ✩ ♬ ₊.🎧⋆☾⋆⁺₊✧

⚝ freekind. – soul-stirring music on stage
Croatian-Slovenian freekind. dazzle us with magical R&B and jazz grooves, as well as songs full of love and hope. Their debut album Since Always And Forever is regularly heard on international radio stations. The album captures the essence of hip-hop’s golden age in a fresh and innovative way, blending pop, neo-soul and jazz elements. Freekind’s ability to blend genres and create a sound that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking makes this album a true masterpiece. Their live performances are like group therapy – music that touches and moves you!

⚝ Flanger Kids – a dreamy electronic sound
With introspective lyrics, bobbing beats and their latest songs, Flanger Kids are coming to Turbina. Fanny Gyarmati and Panka Szczuka’s electronic bedroom duo has been tearing us away from reality with their songs and transporting us to other states of being since 2020. Their music is a contrast of ethereal vocals and dreamy guitar textures with crazy synths, which makes their songs really unique.

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