11.23. Thursday 21:30 → Club hall
ETHNOTECH w/ NovaN × Arulei, Meo Culpa, Self-Discovery Discotheque | Turbina

World music electronics, tribal steps and surprising twists.
Ancient instruments and modern technology meet to find common ground in a mate – unicum.
After Edith and Pontoon, Turbina will now be the venue for tribal gatherings.
Ethnotech has only just turned 1 year old, but it has already grown from a series of events to a music collective (made up of Obadu, NovaN, Zakhorov, Cord, Baladi, Meo Culpa, Diznaray and EarthJam) and will soon be a community label!

This time, the guests of honour will be NovaN and Arulei who will invite you on an ethereal sonic journey; where pre-instruments will be accompanied by electronics.

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