1.18. Thursday 21:00 → Club hall
ETHNOTECH | Nautis (live) album launch, Meo Culpa, Papa

World music electronics, tribal steps and surprising twists.
Ancient instruments and modern technology meet to find common ground in a mate – unicum.
After Edith and Pontoon, Turbina will be the venue for tribal gatherings this winter season.
Ethnotech has only just turned 1 year old, but it has already grown from a series of events to a music collective (made up of Obadu, NovaN, Zakhorov, Cord, Baladi, Meo Culpa, Diznaray and EarthJam) and will soon be a community label!
The special occasion of this evening is the release of Nautis’ second album ‘Aurora Channels’ at the end of the year, which he will present to you live.

Áron Pfitzner is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ who focuses on deep, ethnic, psychedelic sounds. His music is a healthy combination of modern technology and ancient forms.
After several phases in his musical career, he has been responsible for the sound design of various AV performances and visual installations in addition to slower, psychedelic live and DJ sets.
Áron is one of the organisers of Inota reOpening 2022, the all-arts event that reopened the Inota power plant, and the musical composer of the VÁKUUM AV installation, which was dreamed up for the cooling tower, followed by VÁKUUM II at the Inota festival in 2023.
On the 150th anniversary of the city of Budapest, Nautis music was also behind the Light Beam Path Light Installation, dreamed up and created for the City Hall Promenade in Budapest.
After his debut album in 2021 (Korofonia, Om Mantra Records) comes his slightly more “working”, “deeper” album, Aurora Channels (2023, Mystic Sound Records), which is inspired by the northern lights and their chasing.
On the way home after the listening trip, the purple-red northern lights twinkled, just off Highway 8, north..


Meo Culpa appeared in 2019 and since then he has toured the best underground bars, clubs and festivals in Hungary.
In the meantime, he has become one of the ambassadors of the blend of world music and electronica, whose collections are very diverse, but his music is always focused on emotions and tribal sounds, operating with progressive and ancient elements at the same time.
He has a musical palette of events to his name (WaterVibes, Petendi Barn, Pontoon Live Jam), is resident at the Music Maker and Tribal Market, founder of Ethnotech and Plenus Tribe, and his show Sacraticum on RadiOzora is a regular feature.
This time he’s preparing a special psychedelic set.

Although still young; he is essentially the grandfather of the local chill scene.
As the host of Cöxpon Ambient, he is one of the driving forces behind Tilos Radio, but when something is heard at Trafo, it’s usually because of him.
He’s seen a lot, heard a lot; so his audience is in confident hands.

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