4.19. Friday 19:00 → Club hall
Eszkimó / Möbius @ Fülesbagoly Trip

The Fülesbagoly Trip is a series of concerts organised by the Fülesbagoly Foundation at the Turbina Cultural Centre. The monthly evenings will feature pairs of finalists from the last seven seasons of the Fülesbagoly Talent Show. The Füles owl Trip reaches its fourth stage in April with Eskimo and Moebius.
What is Eskimo? Close your eyes, let the ride begin…or is it rollercoaster?! Restless nesting, countdown to infinity feeling, rushing, diving, instant dissolving, pulling and releasing, turbulence…or ambivalence…like this: The most cheerful sad-rock band of the Western Transdanubian, though light for rock, hard for pop, simple for progressive, complicated for mainstream. No two songs are the same, what connects them are the pounding lyrics that project key scenes from never seen movies into our foreheads…or are they just a cool alt band from Győr?
The möbius band plays progressive, alternative rock music. Silences, people, spaces, times – all these themes are explored through powerful instrumentation and soft vocal themes.
Since their debut album in autumn 2022, the band has grown by one and is working on the release of an EP.

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