3.24. Sunday 16:00 → Main hall
Djembe Flow Night // Workshopok – Jam – Concert at Turbina

We welcome all djembe and percussion enthusiasts to the closing event of the week-long workshop series of the Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy (TTMDA), the international djembe school of Mamady Keïta and his founder, Kelvin Kew of Singapore, at the Turbina Great Hall on Sunday 24 March from 16:00 in the “DJEMBE FLOW WEEK”.

Open to all, with plenty of “flow experiences” for beginners and advanced alike, the programme will feature Kelvin Kew’s playful workshop, casual joy music on various authentic percussion instruments, joy throwing with Károlly Fehér (Ethnosound), rhythm games with Gábor Zsarnai (MagBeat Studio), and a show by the participants of Djembe Flow Week. The evening will close with an explosively energetic joint concert by Fen Koro Percussion Group, specialised in traditional West African rhythms, and Kelvin Kew.
Djembe and percussion
If you can, bring your own djembe, but if you don’t already own an instrument we can provide a limited number, subject to pre-registration (1000 Ft/each). Instruments will be provided by Ethnosound.


Introductory jam session, informal music for pleasure

Joy throwing with Károlly Fehér (Ethnosound)
Károly Fehér is a percussion musician and trainer, an unavoidable personality of the Hungarian percussion scene, who has been playing various percussion instruments for more than 25 years. His favourite instrument is the djembe, and his knowledge
He has honed his skills in workshops with many authentic masters. This year he came of age and is the founder and manager of Ethnosound, an 18-year-old world music instrument shop for all ages.
and team-building programmes that build on the experience of making music together.
Djembe Flow Night will feature a joy drumming session open to all, a true community experience that will engage even those who are not otherwise comfortable in the
world of sound. Hearing the pulsating rhythm of the drums makes your hand move involuntarily and you realise that all your worries are gone, an hour has passed and you have “learned” to play the drums with a smile. In this session, through rhythm games and improvisation, the group experiences the joy of making music together. No prior musical training is necessary, everyone can join in the playing based on the instructions. Simple rhythm elements are turned into an effective, complex performance and a rousing atmosphere.

Talking Drums – Rhythm Games Around the World with Gábor Zsarnai (MagBeat Studio) Gábor Zsarnai has been working with African and Middle Eastern percussion instruments for nearly two decades, and has been working from the beginning to bring the community-building power of drumming and music to as many people as possible. This has culminated in the Dévaványa Drumming Festival, which has become a cult in the djembe community, and for ten years he was one of the main organisers of the festival. In 2023, together with Lara Tompa E., they founded MagBeat Studio, a creative community music space and interactive collection of instruments with renewed energy to experience connection through music.
The Djembe Flow Night workshop will feature community rhythm exercises that develop the ability to direct attention to the “here and now” in a playful way. For the instrumental part of the programme, everyone can choose one from the extensive collection of instruments present, including West African, Middle Eastern, Central and South American, European, Far Eastern and Australian percussion instruments.

Performance by Kelvin Kew’s students The “Ensemble” intermediate/advanced workshop will be the highlight of the Djembe Flow Week programme on Thursday and Friday evenings, where participants will learn complete pieces designed for the traditional West African set-up (multiple djembe solos, with breaks and solos, full dundun section). At the Djembe Flow Night apprentice concert, the audience will hear a short show of these pieces.

“Rhythm Flow”; workshop with Kelvin Kew
Connect with your innate sense of rhythm to surrender to relaxation and enjoy a state of mental flow through the pulsation of music using simple drumming techniques. The workshop will be conducted in English, but the language of music is universal, so even a basic level of English will be sufficient. You can bring your own drum to the workshop, but we can provide a rental drum kit on request.

CONCERT – Kelvin Kew & Fen Koro Percussion Group
Our music consists of traditional West African rhythms and vocals. Our band’s instrumentation consists mostly of drums typical of the Hamana region of Guinea and the Malinke ethnic group living in this region: sangban, kenkeni, dununba, djembe.
The pulsation of the drums, combined with the vocals, will provide an exciting experience for those interested in African rhythms and those who love them.
The name of the band, “Fen Koro”, means “root” in the language of the Malinke people who created the tradition of djembe playing. It is a reference to the roots of the now widely known and popular djembe and the music associated with it.
The band was founded in 2022 by Zoli and the two Balázs, who had previously played in the “Sanké Percussion Group” and its predecessor “Sankolokan”.
Band members:
Linda Bisztricsány (vocals)
Nikol Deák (vocals)
Attila Ferenczi Maxim (vocals)
Péter Hegyes (djembe)
Balázs Lengyel (vocals)
Zoltán Merkovics (djembe)
Balázs Somogyvári (dununba)
Anita Ureczki (vocals)
Gábor Zsarnai, Zsaresz (kenkeni)

Opening jamsession, informal joy music
Kelvin Kew
MagBeat Studio
Ethnosound instrument shop / webshop – team building – music activities

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