4.21. Friday 23:00 → Main hall
CRIME w/ Lucia Lu

Berlin-born DJ and full-time icon Lucia Lu is a real energy bomb. Her aura shines like sunshine on the german capital, which often takes itself too seriously. Now she’s back with her glowing and upbeat sound in Turbina’s main hall.

Lucia Lu’s warm, happy and soulful sets, which merge the cathartic danceability of house and techno with sassy pop, hip-hop and disco anthems from yesteryear, are powerful protests against the self-serious atmosphere that dominates the electronic music sphere. Lu’s joyful and diverse sound are loving tributes to the original spirit of electronic dance music: a genre pioneered by queer people of color, who engineered a euphoric sound that allowed them to be and express themselves unapologetically, and to celebrate the beauty in one another, in total freedom.

Sexism, racism, queerphobia, harassment, unwanted touching, or hate of any kinds is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban from the event!

Lucia Lu



Daniel Moritz

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