12.28. Thursday 19:00 → Club hall
Condra & TRSNMD

Our dear one and only “Tad” (guitar) is celebrating a wonderful round birthday this Christmas, so we are looking forward to welcoming you with “brutal” love to Turbina to celebrate this event with our always appreciative and grateful audience, and to celebrate the last Transnomad concert of the year!!! So let’s have a final achilles tournament together, dear friends and mates! We are waiting for you!

The band started its concerts in 2016 in the national music scene. In 2015, its members found their own approach to the trance genre, coming from different musical formations and projects. Based on electronic foundations, their instrumentation fuses the playing of several traditional instruments.


Györgyike Novák-Tóth – violin

Varga István “Laró” – bass guitar

Tamás Topornyicki “Topi” – drums

Fási László “Tádé” – guitar, saz

Szenderey József Attila “Sori” – modular electronics, didgeridoo

Bajzát Gergely “Bajzi” – modular effects, drone

// Condra. In the present program he is setting the musical atmosphere in front of the Transnomad band. /Progressive Organic House & Downtempo, PsyBient, Progressive Chill/

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