4.28. Friday 19:00 → Main hall
C*NZÚRA 360: Hundred Sins & Superflake

In the first episode, we bring you analogue Superflake, who presents his Screaming Janus album, mystical masked Hundred Sins and the inescapable producer of Hungarian hyperpop, Zorz.



Superflake is the one-man electronic project of Máriusz Fodor. After many years of stage music, he retired to the studio and lost himself in a world of modulators and synthesizers. His music is characterised by dark waves, noises tamed by enveloping curves and danceable rhythms. He has played for Analóg Balaton and Elefánt, at Fekete Zaj, Bánkitó, Fishing On Orfű and Sziget Festival, and is a regular guest at Kamarave parties. After the singles Tumor and Rules, his new album “Screaming Janus” was released at the end of March 2023.

Hundred Sins

The musical style of the enigmatic Hundred Sins can be described with the words experimental, bass heavy and over-saturated. Thanks to his EDM background, his music has a trance-dubstep feel that is very much a part of his sound.

The young producer behind the mask and his electronic sound with a gritty, punk attitude has become an inescapable factor for the new generation. He has recently worked with artists such as Beton.Hofi, AKC Misi, ajsa luna, Lil Frakk and Azariah, but has also made music for fashion brand Klipszemle and appeared on the latest season of Dalfuár.

His debut album, Opera, was released in May 2022 and was received with great enthusiasm by the industry and the public.

Live, accompanied by his orchestra, he overloads eyes and ears.


ZORZ is a bass producer/DJ, his music and sets are a fusion of several EDM genres with some hyperpop influences. In addition to his solo releases, he has worked over the years with emerging new wave artists such as Lidokami, ajsa luna and Grazzy.

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