11.16. Thursday 18:00 → Exhibiton space
Cloth, Paper, Body
Cloth, Paper, Body

Every body is beautiful. This is not just one of those body-positive affirmations, but also our personal experience. We have been blessed with the opportunity to draw countless different models over the years. Trust, respect, awe and power are what we experience every life drawing session. Our drawings are born from this and celebrate the strength and vulnerability of nude bodies.

Dasha and Sári have been drawing together for many years now, and finally, they are uniting their creative powers in their first joint show. Cloth, Paper, Bodies features a selection of nudes, ranging from quick live sketches to collages and paintings. Beside works on paper, the exhibition also showcases Sári’s Naked Flags, a series of fabric collages.

We are excited to have contemporary dancer and choreographer Andrés Martínez perform and involve us all in movement. In his performance piece “Frecuencia 35”, Andrés explores the vulnerability of the human body and building connections.

We are also launching our Blind Auction, whereby you can place your secret bid on any of the works displayed. Here’s how it works: you fall in love with a piece, you name your price and whoever bids the highest gets to take home a unique piece of art.

Opening with wine, snacks, music and dance!

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