12.01. Wednesday 20:00 → Main hall
Boiler Room Budapest
Alexandr, LAU, Route 8, Gnork

Eleven years ago, as Blaise Belville likes to say, he decided to stick a webcam on the wall at a warehouse party, in order to stream the event: and so Boiler Room was born, which today without doubt has a huge impact on the electronic music industry all over the world. The series of streamed events play a big role in providing an international platform for the most experimental DJs, and many artists’ career kickstarted after a successful Boiler Room party.

Now for the first time in Turbina we can enjoy the first ever Boiler Room party with exclusively Hungarian performers- the resident DJs of the Budapest nightlife will try to enchant their audience under the roof window of our Main Hall. The entry for the event is free, but you have to register on the website ot Boiler Room. The participants will be raffled from the list of those, who registered. Those, who are not able to get in, have nothing to worry about either- the whole program will be streamed.


Route 8

Open registration:

This event is the next stop of ‘Contemporary Nights’, sponsored by Miller.

Dance-music events and concerts held in the Turbina building can only be visited with a certificate of protection / EESZT application or EU Covid-card.
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