12.04. Monday 18:00 → Exhibiton space
Board Game night
🎲 Játszóház Projekt 🎲
We play board games at Játszóház. Not with kids or with Monopoly, and not even in a basement – because today’s board gaming means so much more than that.
What can you expect when you pay us a visit?
📦 Approx. 10 m3 of board games you can choose from. We only keep the ones we love in the pile. You’ll find games you can play in 3 minutes or in 3 hours, party games and thinky ones, and games about Sushi, the planet Mars, and so on.
👫 Hundreds of enthusiastic participants who’d take advantage of any flat surface to play a fun game on it.
🐇 Tireless Game Masters in rabbit t-shirts, whose sole desire is to get you hooked on a game just as much as they are. After recommending something supergreat, they will also explain the rules to you.
🌎 New faces, old friends, and, of course, world domination.
Some infos about the event:
– It starts at 6pm, ends at 11pm, arrive any time.⏰
– We have some very strict house rules. Ask the game masters in rabbit t-shirts about them📜
– There’s beer, wine and coke: support us by buying them at the venue 🍻
– You are free to come alone or with friends. Look for people to play with at the games’ pile. It’s great if you welcome new players to your group, but it’s also perfectly fine if you’d rather be only with your friends – communicate freely what you want.🎲
🍹 There’s plenty to eat and drink at the venue, so please be kind and leave granny’s dishes at home;)

Ticket: 1000FT
Student-ticket: 500Ft

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