5.06. Friday 19:00 → Main hall
At first sight, the wheelhouses of Inéz and Demian Kappenstein hardly seem to match: He immerses himself in crafting organic beats, recorded on drums and enhanced with delicate effects. She is an utterly unique kind of singer who with voice, piano and synths fuses melodies like as refracted through a prism to a new futuristic sound. But when you listen closely, the songs they produce together as ÄTNA are imbued with an incomprehensible magic that defies all conventions, singular in style and execution.
Songs such as “Ruining my Brain” and “Come to Me” seamlessly blend art pop, futuristic indietronica, lush rhythms, and glorious vocals, evoking a longing that speaks of wanderlust – and cause goosebumps without fail. There is no doubt about it: Their debut Made By Desire marks a new chapter in German pop history. For this, ÄTNA was rightly awarded the coveted Anchor Award of the Reeperbahn Festival.
ÄTNA are a creative partnership of equals. With fashion and design integrated into their music, ÄTNA wear monochrome stage costumes and deliver stunning videos, something they succinctly refer to as “making their own world”. ÄTNA also prove this in collaborations with artists such as Solomun or Martin Kohlstedt, which always bear their own personal signature. We cannot wait to see what ÄTNA will surprise us with next!

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