3.24. Friday 20:00 → Main hall
Zækar & Szia Anya – Double Album Debut Concert


At just over a year old, Zækar – the Doomsday Big Band – is the wet dream of jazz musicians sipping away the time in suburban liquor stores.
In their songs, the sunset gleams on a south coast beer belly, mixed with the despair of a menagerie crying out in anguish as it drops a chocolate pudding sponge cake cube to the ground.
It’s hard to put their music, with its jagged grooves and virtuosic, provocative lyrics, into a proper genre, but if anything could succinctly describe their sound, it would be: melancho-jazz-pop.
The album that will be unveiled during the evening is called Világ HB.

Szia Anya

Szia Anya! is an alternative, underground rock band, whose important element and characteristic is humour and an ironic approach to the world. They play only their own songs with Hungarian lyrics, sometimes with a bourgeois-ridiculing, but sometimes with a more melancholic tone.
At the beginning of 2023, they gathered all the songs they had written so far and recorded their first 10-song album in a 10-day studio session, which will debut in spring. The album sums up the band’s own experiences as a student in Budapest, and that’s about it for now.

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